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Air Engine

New Type of Engine

About this Proyect


The introduction of this proyect is to inform all viewers an idea of what the compressed air engine is, its operation and its characteristics in general, like: how many pistons use, how would horsepower etc... Another purpose of this research is to present the air motor is an ecological idea brings to the care of the enviroment in our world.

How it works

The engine has 3 operating cycles:

  1. Compression
  2. Injection
  3. Expansion


In this cycle as normal motors, the cylinders being heated in order to function .


In this cycle air is injected under pressure to compress and start operation.


At this time the air causes a pressure change and the cylinder, causing it to expand and thus move the piston to the next entry draft and move the mechanism .

These motors are already used in cars and industrial machinery thanks to its high performance and fuel savings .